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Dormition Fast/Успенский Пост  

Sunday, August 14 through Saturday, August 27

August 8, 2022:  Message from Andrei Roudenko, Choir Director


ON A PERSONAL NOTE, in case you have not heard, Marina and I plan to relocate to the East Coast to take a more active part in the lives of our children and grandchildren.  God-willing, we will depart Burlingame in early September.  To the extent possible, until a replacement can be found, I hope to be able to continue to issue the weekly notices and provide Tropar / Kondak text sheets for weekend services.


On Sunday, September 4, after Liturgy, there will be a farewell reception for Andrei and Marina Roudenko.


Our Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko had bypass heart surgery on Tuesday, June 7.
Please pray for Father Stefan. 

Please do not phone Father Stefan until he has fully recuperated.  If absolutely needed, please phone or text Matushka Tatiana on (650) 430-9806.
STATUS:  10:00am Saturday August 6
From Father Stefan:  I am steadily improving, but I must discipline myself to not rush into taking on more than I can handle.  A few more weeks and with the help of visiting clergy, I hope to return to some semblance of normal.  Your continued prayers and understanding is deeply appreciated.
STATUS:  10:00am Saturday July 30
From Father Stefan:  I am thankful to God for the State of my improving health.  I feel better each day.  I, God willing, will concelebrate Divine Liturgy with Father Andrei on Sunday and hope to begin slowly returning to my pastoral responsibilities.  The Physicians say it should be another two or three weeks and I will be fully recovered.  My operation scar is healing properly and I have walked with the physical therapist the length of our front block!  Please continue your prayers, it is by them I gain health and stamina.
STATUS:  4:00pm Friday July 22
From Father Stefan:  I AM HOME!!!!
June 18th - Birthday Party at St. John Kronstadt Care Center in Castro Valley
June 18th - Birthday Party at St. John Kronstadt Care Center in Castro Valley
June 18th - Birthday Party at St. John Kronstadt Care Center in Castro Valley

Upcoming Services on Livestream (see Schedule of Services tab for details) 

  • Priest Dimitri Jakimowicz of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Stratford, Connecticut, emails weekly church service texts in both Russian and English.  Contact him at to request being added to his distribution list. 
  • For Liturgical Texts in English and Slavonic from Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Church in Austin, Texas click here.


Saturday, August 13  6:00pm Vigil Service

Sunday, August 14  9:00am  Divine Liturgy


Thursday, August 18  6:00pm Vigil Service

Friday, August 19  9:00am Divine Liturgy - Feast Day of Transfiguration


Saturday, August 20  6:00pm Vigil Service

Sunday, August 21  9:00am  Divine Liturgy


Saturday, August 27  6:00pm Vigil Service

Sunday, August 28  9:00am  Divine Liturgy - Feast Day of Dormition of the Mother of God


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August 11, 2022:  Sisterhood Schedule posted.

August 11, 2022:  Choir Director Andrei Roudenko's weekly email.  See the "Services and Saints" link at the bottom of the Home Page.


August 6, 2022:  Archpriest Serge Kotar's weekly spiritual email.  See the "Sunday Gospels" link at the bottom of the Home Page.

We are overcome with grief over the tragic events in Ukraine, for many of us the land of our forefathers, and for some the land where our relatives live today. We pray to the All-Merciful Lord, and His Most-Holy Mother for speedy secession of all hostilities and long-lasting peace.

Prayer to the Lord:
O Lord, Lover of mankind, King of the ages and Giver of good things: having destroyed the divisions of enmity and granted peace unto the human race, grant even now peace unto Thy servants, planting within them the fear of Thee and establishing them in love for one another. Quench all strife, and remove all dissensions and temptations; for Thou art our peace and to Thee do we offer up glory, to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages, Amen.
Владыко Человѣколюбче, Царю вѣковъ и Подателю благихъ, разрушившiй вражды средостѣнiя и мир подавшiй роду человѣческому, даруй и нынѣ миръ рабомъ Твоимъ, вкорени нихъ страхъ Твой и другъ къ другу любовь утверди: угаси всяку распрю, отыми вся разногласiя и соблазны. Яко Ты еси миръ нашъ и Тебе славу возсылаемъ, Отцу и Сыну и Святому Духу, нынѣ и присно и во вѣки вѣковъ. Аминь.
Click here to print the prayers.
Prayer to the Mother of God:
O much sorrowing Mother of God, more highly exalted than all other of the daughters of the earth, according to thy purity and the multitude of thy suffering endured by thee on earth: Hearken to our sighs and soften the hearts of evil men, and protect us under the shelter of thy mercy. For we know no other refuge and ardent intercessor apart from thee, but as thou hast great boldness before the One Who was born of thee, help and save us by thy prayers, that without offense we may attain the Heavenly Kingdom where, with all the saints, we will sing the thrice-holy hymn to One God Almighty in the Trinity, always now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.
О, многострадальная Мати Божiя, Превысшая всѣхъ дщерей земли, по чистотѣ Своей и по множеству страданiй, Тобою на земли перенесенныхъ, прiими многоболезненныя воздыханiя наша и сохрани насъ подъ кровомъ Твоея милости. Инаго бо прибѣжища теплаго предстательста развѣ Тебѣ не вѣмы, но яко дерзновенiе имущая къ Иже изъ Тебѣ рожденному, помози и спаси ны молитвами Своими, да непреткновенно достигнемъ Царствiя Небеснаго, идеже со всѣми святыми будемъ воспѣвати въ Троицѣ единому Богу нынѣ и присно и во вѣки вѣков. Аминь.

January 21, 2022:  Message from Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko, Rector

Bring your children to church, learn the services for yourself, listen and pray along with the prayers ---- CARE TO GROW IN YOUR ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN FAITH! English language translations of all services are available---take advantage of the hard work put in by others for your salvation.

Father Dimitri Jakimowicz emails weekly translations of upcoming services. You can download the translation into your smartphone and follow the service in English while standing in Church.  Contact Father Dimitri at and ask to be placed on his mailing list.  Father Dimitri Jakimowicz sends out weekly church service texts in both Russian and English.
For Liturgical Texts in English and Slavonic from Holy Mother of God Russian Orthodox Church in Austin, Texas click here.

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Please click here to read Archpriest Serge Kotar's Message on the Holy Royal Martyrs.



Patronal Feast Day of All Russian Saints Church in Burlingame, June 26, 2022


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Ordination of

Father Deacon Alexei Baranoff


Annunciation Feast Day

April 7, 2022



Archpriest Stefan Blessing the Main Cupola

December 28, 2021

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