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Prayer before consuming Prosphora and Holy Water.

Богоявление. Крещение Господа Иисуса Христа


Holy Theophany Feastday Greetings to all from Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko, Rector!


Health, safety, security and tranquility to all in these grace filled and joyous days.
Visitations with Holy Water will be very limited due to pandemic related restrictions. If you wish to be visited with a Holy Water home blessing please call and leave a message at 1-650-430-9805 or e-mail ( not

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January 14, 2021:  Message from Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko, Rector


The California and San Mateo County Regional Stay At Home Order that was issued December 17, 2020, was originally expected to remain in effect for three weeks.  Regrettably, based on continued shortfalls in regional ICU capacity parameters, the Order remains in effect, with no projection of when the Order might be lifted.  For our parish, this means that we will need to continue outdoor-only services. 


I realize that this makes your attendance at our services, especially during inclement weather, very challenging.  Notwithstanding, the number of people who have elected to accept the challenge and continue to attend services, remains high.  This is a tangible measure of your strength of faith, which is remarkable!  God bless you.  I pray for your spiritual convictions to remain strong.  The Lord is watching, and His blessings are upon you.


Thank God, despite “spikes”, we have not had a single confirmed COVID-19 infection within our parish.  Both for health and compliance reasons, your continued cooperation – social distancing and sanitizing – remain essential.


I would add that for your health and for the continued uninterrupted operation of our services, please be careful in all contact with anyone who is outside of our parish “super-bubble”.  While use of face covering is mandated (and we comply with this requirement), medical professionals advise that staying at home if sick, and social distancing, are the most effective means of preventing spread of COVID and influenza infections.


For those who attend our services, please continue to strictly abide by our parish Training Plan, click here, including self-assessment - taking your temperature (at home) and declaring upon your arrival at the church that you have none of the symptoms listed in the Training.  In response to your prayers, I look forward to when the threats of the pandemic are abated and we can return to praising our Lord together in our church.


Upcoming Services on Livestream (see Schedule of Services tab for details):
Wednesday, January 20, 2021:  9:00am Hours and Divine Liturgy 
Saturday, January 23, 2021:  6:00pm Vigil Service
Sunday, January 24, 2021:  9:00am Hours and Divine Liturgy
Saturday, January 30, 2021:  6:00pm Vigil Service
Sunday, January 31, 2021:  9:00am Hours and Divine Liturgy
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For Liturgical Texts in English and Slavonic from Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Church in Austin, Texas click here.
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Church of All Russian Saints, Burlingame, California, U.S.A.
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